Classy Hobo

Finally a new outfit post for so long! I have been super busy lately but it's all good Alhamdulillah.  And also I have been dressing up like a hobo this week with no makeup and sweatpants so it felt really good to doll up and look classy.... A classy hobo *wink*wink*
I'm wating for this snow to melt and the weather to be warm, I hate cold weathers! I have a lot of outfits on my mind but can't wear them because of the horrible weather, I was freezing while taking these pictures. It snowed again!!

Hijab - Aliexpress
Sweater, Rings & Shirt - H&M
Pants & Belt - Mango
Shoes - Nelly
Bag - My mom's
Watch - Kultajousi

Selda x


  1. Oooo I love this outfit! You should post a pic on insta! And I NEED these shoes!