I'm collaborating with an amazing and talented company called D.azzle. She sent me this breathtaking cape dress and I am in love! Like seriously in love!!
The embroidery is beautiful and the colour is soft and calming, I feel like an angel.

I really love the way these pictures turned out, the light behind it gives it a soft look. I wanted to take pictures in a gorgeous and clean place but since we live in a small city there aren't any nice places or even clean.

I still can't get over how gorgeous the dress is! Even when I'm writing this post I'm being amazed by its beauty, the owner is talented, Mashallah!

If you want breathtaking and amazing quality dresses then definately check her instagram @d.azzle

Selda x

Cape Dress - D.azzle
Hijab - @idhclothing
Heels - Kurdistan
Clutch - H&M

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