Three Diamonds

Loving my gorgeous hijabs from By Harmoni.
These hijabs are sewn differently and also have buttons on them! You can style them in many ways and the best part is they have tutorials to show you.

As you can see all of the hjiabs have three Swarovski diamonds, it has a beautiful meaning behind it.
By Harmoni is a family owned business run by three people, daughter, mother and father. The company is named by the mother, Harmoni.

I love the fact that everything has a meaning behind it and that they work hard to produce great quality hijabs.

Definately check them out at www.byharmoni.com or from their instagram @byharmoni_official

Here's a link for one of their tutorials https://youtu.be/d16VipP_hUI

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  1. MashAllah, all of them are so beautiful! <3