Today's post is all about these delicate jewellery from Nadia Younis Jewellery.
When I received these pieces I knew I had to take an amazing shot of them using rose petals, but I didn't know how to set up all of that. Luckily I saw a beautiful picture on instagram where a girl used a plate to showcase her jewellery, I immediately fell in love with it!
She used lipstick on her shot but I wanted rose petals.

You may wonder who this designer is and what's the meaning behind her pieces, well lucky for you, I got to do a mini interview with her!

Nadia Younis is a Birmingham based jewellery designer, making jewellery using traditional bench skills. She studied at the infamous School of Jewellery based in Birmingham, UK.
She takes inspiration from her Kashmiri heritage using silhouette of structural designs, architecture and paintings. This has lead to her beautifully crafted "Silhouette Drop" collection that consists of using repetitive patterns to create intricate designs. All the jewellery is handmade in her small bedroom. 

"It is very important for me to make each piece myself using traditional bench skills, that I am proud of. I would never send a design or a piece out without knowing I am 110% satisfied with the outcome."

I love the fact that she puts an effort into every piece and that they all have a meaning behind them. Definately check her out at http://nadiayounis.com/ or from her instagram @nadiayounisjewellery

Selda x

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