I have so many blog posts to post and I keep going out to take some more which leads to more unposted blog posts, ugh!
Trying to finish these looks so I can do some personal writing posts and some winter looks.

I'm wearing this stunning embroidered vest by Eman, the owner of @kashkhah_ the detailing and style is made to perfection! Absolutely stunning, still can't get over it!!
I honestly don't know what to write about it, it's just perfect.

Since the vest is all up in your face I paired it with a simple look and my fave hijab. Of course you can go crazy with the colours if you want, wear it as an evening and/or a party look but I opted for a toned down look.

Selda x

VEST - https://www.instagram.com/kashkhah_/
HIJAB - http://www.fa6omina.com/
BANGLE - http://www.youngroyale.bigcartel.com/
SUNGLASSES - Gina Tricot
EARRINGS - Aliexpress
HEELS - Kurdistan

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