I would have never imagined myself wearing girly dresses and feeling like a boss in them!
Before falling in love with fashion I would only wear plain clothes with a massive leopard print hijab, my so-called fancy outfit was nude pants, blue top and a black shirt on top of it with a white and black huge leopard print hijab and 10cm high heels, talk about a fashion disaster!
But I'm glad those days are over and I've learned to mix and match different colours and fabrics, but one thing didn't die and that's my love for pockets!

That's why this wrap dress is my fave, it's gorgeous, comfy, everyday wear and has pockets!
Glitz Glotzz has truly amazing quality and stunning modest dresses, I got four dresses from them!

Looking back now I honestly can't believe how much I've changed, my fashion choices, the way I behave and think and many more.
Many people might fear of change but it's actually a good thing, as long as you change to the better!

Selda x

WRAP DRESS - https://www.instagram.com/glitzglozz/?hl=fi
HIJAB - http://www.fa6omina.com/
HEELS - Kurdistan

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