Black is such an elegant colour don't you agree? When worn correctly it gives you that rich feeling.
That's why this custom made abaya from Dijaz Abayah is the perfect black abaya, with a twist!
Instead of being the normal open or closed style abaya, this one is meant to be tied up from the side!Giving it that hint of elegance.

When I stumbled upon her page and saw that they make custom orders, I had no other choice but to contact her. I made two abaya request which she nailed, both of them!
The way they work is, you show them your dream abaya and if it's something they can create they go and search for the materials and start making it.
All the pieces are home made not manufactured, and they can make it in any size you want.

If you feel that a full black outfit is too plain for you then spice it up with a bag, shoes, jewelery or even makeup, as you can see I went with a lovely green Goyard bag and bold red lips.

Selda x


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